The 5 Best Music Players For Android

It is not a lie, listening to music is one of the main tasks that we do in our terminals, it turns out that in the store of Play Store there are many App that work as music players, the same terminal brings them and we know, but it turns out that those who We can find in the store can be much better. As we know you want to know more, here we bring you the best music players App.


This application is perhaps not very well known but it is very interesting. Its interface is very easy and clean, minimalist and with many options to configure effects like transition or simple themes.

Navigating in this App is very simple and this is what is very comfortable, we forgot to mention you also have your own equalizer.


This App is already very well-known at the moment, personally it is one of my favorites, besides having a good functions of music player can synchronize the lyrics of the song that you are listening, this is very cool if you are the type of person that you Like to know what is being said clearly and especially if it is in English.

Poweramp full version unlocker

This player deserves to be on this list. It is very good since it has a very intuitive user interface that is explained by itself, it is all a matter of trying it a while to get used to it. It also allows the customization of themes, lets you incorporate the album cover you want, lets you incorporate the lyrics of the song and supports multiple formats.

Google Play Music

This is the App is the most famous of the whole list and although it is not bad option it has a defect that is annoying and it is that it must be registered to use it, taking aside this has a very sufficient music catalog but it is limited if not Accounts with a subscription, integrates the music you have stored and also synchronizes so that we can listen to the same music on several devices.

Double Twist

It is an option if you like the modern interface very much, it is free and if you want to pay for it you can gain a number of features. It is a very stable application although sometimes it has some strange bugs, but it is nothing to worry about. It is very curious because it also has an Alarm Widget which can be configured with your favorite music. This app is highly recommended.

In the applications market more and more developers who create many music players since they know that it is a market in high demand, the detail is that of the many that exist there are very few that can really work perfectly. Here we have given you the list, all are highly recommended.


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