Poweramp Ecran and Commandes

The many parameters of Poweramp does not make it complicated so far, the controls are well thought out, and the ergonomics of the application is very good. You can slide to go from one menu to another, and the animations are light. As a bonus, you can change themes, there are a number on the Google Play Store.

Speed ​​& Stability
The application never surprised me in the wrong way. Poweramp is very stable, and it’s one of the fastest players on Android. The chaining between the songs is virtually nonexistent. Self-downloaded album art is a plus for browsing, especially for users with many albums.

Price quality
The trial version of Poweramp is free for 15 days. It offers all the features of the full version. Unlock code to use the app costs between 4 and 5 euros, which are absolutely justified.

Final verdict
Poweramp is currently the best music player on Android, period. No other surpasses him, and many do not reach his ankle. In fact, I search, I find no negative point to the application. Whether in terms of design, functionality or fluidity, everything is at the top.

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