Poweramp Functions

Poweramp is probably one of the most popular music players on Android. How is it different from others? What is better? And above all, does the application deserve its success? Here is our test.

Functions & Utility
The basic player on Android allows some improvements and does its job certainly, but many users will quickly feel limited with him. There are many alternatives, how to navigate? Poweramp has been downloaded more than 50,000 times in just two days, and apparently users are very happy with it. Here are the most popular and technical details that make the application a benchmark for media players on Android.

From the first launch, I was impressed. The design of the application is really cool, the bluish brilliant appearance is the most beautiful effect, and allows a very comfortable reading with a marked contrast. The setting is intuitive, the playback of a song triggers the display of the corresponding cover, and navigation buttons are well located and easy to access, it’s stupid but it is not the case for all application

The library will present you all your albums, presented in the form of pockets, mosaic. The app can also update and download missing wallets. The general design is very successful, and again the choice of colors gives the display a comfort out of the ordinary. The user can decide which folders he wants to include in his library, so the ranking is optimal.

We really feel that the developers have thought of everything. The options are all there, nothing is missing. In addition to mp3s, the following formats are supported: mp4, flac, alac, wav, aiff and m4a. The loading of the pieces after the others is simply imperceptible. The fluidity is remarkable.

The real plus of Poweramp is its sound enhancement options. The 10-channel graphic equalizer allows to adapt the sound at any time and easily, 16 pre-recorded settings already exist in the application. Those created by the user can be associated independently to each album, playlist or song. You can even program parameter profiles according to the type of output device: speakers, wired headset or bluetooth headset. Access to the various parameters is very easily adaptable and can be modified at any time. The user actually has full control of the sound on his smartphone, just like at home, and a real sound system.

To change a folder automatically downloaded by the application, just hold it down, a menu with other options will open. It’s the same in the folder menu, we can, in the manner of computer players simply add files to the playlist. Some very useful parameters are also present, such as the ability to decide whether to turn off the sound if you unplug a headset, or the setting of the volume and power buttons. Poweramp just seems to be complete.

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