what’s Poweramp

Poweramp is an application specifically designed to play audiovisual files on a mobile device. It provides a graphic equalizer to improve the sound when listening.

Playback: Once the file has been imported into the Poweramp multimedia library, the user will be able to launch it. Various options are possible during this operation such as loop playback or fast forward.

Playlist: With this application, it is possible to set up a playlist of all files that the user wants to listen to or view. The import of m3u, pls or wpl format playlist is also an alternative.

Equalizer: In order to optimize the resonance when using Poweramp, a graphic equalizer is available. This one will serve to vary the level of bass and treble at the time of the reading.

Customization: The interface of this application may vary according to the tastes of its user. It offers the opportunity to change its appearance by incorporating one of the many themes proposed in the options.


The download of Poweramp is completely free.
This application allows to download the images corresponding to a particular album.

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